Saturday, March 12, 2011

I are signer #33471

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Joint Council Emergency Campaign for Ethiopian Children

You are signer #33471

I love blogs, reading them as well as writing my own.  I think its such a cool window into someones life that you might not get to see otherwise.  This was what i was doing in between watching Elmo, wiping snot, feeding breakfast and diaper changes.  I came across my friend Kristen's blog and it touched my heart in a special place.  Long story short they are trying to adoption out of Ethiopia from what I understand and authorities are scaling way back on the amount of adoptions from this area.  She had a link to sign a petition to change this, so I did.  Here's the link so you can also sign if that's something your interested in. 
Adoption is something that is beyond any other gift a child can receive.  So this morning among all the daily routine of caring for my own child I hope I helped Kristen and all the others families looking and hoping to adopt from Ethiopia someday care for their future children! 

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