Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a little life update

I know its been so long since my past post, life has had so much to it, blogging just never felt right, or we were busy, and so much more.  A lot has happened in the past few months that have me really thinking about the WWW and how i choose to use it.

 I've taken a lot more of how facebook, and other social networks have a positive side as well as a negative and so far i haven't had too many negative.  These past few weeks I've started to see the negative side the this new age way of communication in the world.  I have a few friends that have gone through some pretty rough stuff in the past month, and it has really made me stop to think about the way i want to use facebook for communication.  I don't want it to replace face to face contact, a phone call or even a card to express my feelings about their situations.  I know everyone has their own views on what is appropriate to do on facebook, post for people to see and so on, but i have found for me personally its become a struggle.  I have been so blessed by God recently that i could celebrate and post about, but the fear of "who might see this", "who might take this the wrong way" has crept into my head.  I've taken a break from blogging, facebooking and everything else for awhile during this time and it has really changed how I want to be seen as a person. 

Although i don't have all the answers i finally feel okay in my own heart to post about how God has blessed my life, but also pray for the people that may be going through hard times.  I've learned not to put so much value in the facebook fads and who wants to be friend or doesn't.  If i stay true to who i am, follow what i feel led to do then i shouldn't have any reason to feel guilty.  :)

A quick  update on teh stuff we've been up to in the Switzer household...

- we had an awesome family vacation in Vermont

- Northgate South campus is coming along, while the time is coming closer and closer God has continued to show His hands in the whole thing.  It's been awesome to be apart of something like this.

- We had an unplanned ultrasound to make sure everything was going okay after a few mini concerns, and while we learned that everything is going great and our baby is healthy and quite the mover we also found out...

we are so excited our little girl will join our family, i swear people hear you're having a girl and clothes start coming out of the woodwork.  We have already been so blessed by people's generous boxes of clothes!

- this isn't "good news" per say but news just the same, our little boy found himself in his first cast, we hope it doesn't have to stay on long but it reminds me of just how 'boy' he is.

He's been such a trooper, and the cast hasn't slowed him down a bit!

- Lastly we were so blessed by my aunt for taking be able to take Aiden's 2 year pictures finally!! (thank God it was before the cast went on ;-) )  here's a little preview of a few of my favs!

These prob. deserve a blog of their own but for now here are a few of my favs!