Friday, November 23, 2012

My Expression of Graditude.


  1. The expression of gratitude, esp. to God.
What a way to think about all that went on yesterday.  While i try to be thankful many times throughout the year, I'm grateful for a day spent with family to focus on just thank, looking at all i am blessed to have, and thank God for those things.
I love that as my children get older I can start to share with them the meaning behind the holidays of the season, each year I've seen Aiden just grow in his excitement of the true purpose for these next few months.
The other day at home we broke out the paints and had a little fun making turkey hand prints! (can you tell the preschool teacher inside me is dying to come out!)
Working for a church leaves December a busy month and not one where we can leave town, so we spent Thanksgiving with Brandon's family in Syracuse.  So grateful for the time we got to spend with them and lots of memories we got to create.

Oh yes, your eyes do not fool you, that's Aiden singing lead with great gram as the sombrero wearing, guitar playing back up singer preforming live!  Once in a life time folks!
i am so blessed by each day waking up in my warm bed, with my husband, son, and daughter right there (yes sometimes literally), plenty of food for us all to eat, and lots to keep us all happy, healthy and joyful!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and created lots of memories that last.