Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spelling really is everything...

I never been a true Mcdonald's fan, always knew there was somthing a little funky with their meat...looks like someone let the secret slip ;-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Since I've not been well, less than helpful around the house these days with my knee and all, ,my awesome husband does it all.  As a mom who did a lot with Aiden and the house, i find it hard to sit back and let Brandon do so much all by himself.  Aiden has become such a daddy's boy over the past few weeks as well, because well hes become his main caregiver.  At first it was hard to let go, but I guess as he becomes a toddler I'd rather have him a daddy's boy than a mommy's boy.  Now i just have to convince him to have a girl so it evens life out a bit ;-)

One way that I've found to be a help to Brandon is to keep Aiden with me on the couch while he, gets ready in the morning, makes dinners, laundry,etc.  In this I have found such a great investment in this rare time together.  My baby is growing up before my eyes, so I want to spend every second I can investing in his life.  I think I have always "spent time" with Aiden but i think when you can't do the other 50 other things you're thinking about in your head and you can concentrate only on your son, it really chances those times together.  We sit on the couch, and we cuddle watching some TV together, he 'talks' to me ( i call it telling me about his day), or we'll read books Bubbles Bubbles by Elmo is his favorite <3  I have found just a true value in this time we spend together.  I don't get to see him all day long like I had before getting injured so I truly am learning how to cherish my time with him.  It was interesting because also during these past few weeks I had a friend, Paul Peterson blog about the value of putting your children to bed, and again spending those moments with them and truly treasuring those.  I pray that I continue to hold on to this time and even when life becomes busy again that I take time out of each day and truly invest in the presious life that I created and want to help grow up to be the man of God he deserves to be.  So heres' to cuddle time with my boy!!