Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday News

Thank you all for the nice thoughts, messages, and most of all prayer over the baby, and our family, it was very much felt.  We have overall good news, we met with the high risk OB, had an entire new anatomy ultrasound done and as of right now things look normal, small end of normal, but normal.  The doctor thinks that while yes we will have small babies an extra eye on things can never hurts.  While I'm not going to see him anymore and i can return to my regular OB for the remainder of my pregnancy he has recommended a few extra things.  I'll be going in every week for a non stress test, and bi weekly for fluid checks on the baby just to monitor her growth and ensure things are going well. 

I'm so thankful for God hands through everyone, while talking to the doctor, unknown to me, the main point of going to see him yesterday was to see if baby would be better off outside than in.  He was pleased to say she can stay right where she is, while she does measure on the small side, everything else looks normal, healthy and on the right track!  Thank God because, despite the restless nights of sleep, the backaches, and everything else that 3rd trimester so richly bless you with I'm not ready to be done.  I'm not ready to have her outside, that's not in the plan, its not what i want and I'm just not ready to give her up yet.  While I'm glad my OB didn't outright say that to be a few days ago, I'm so thankful that was not what we had to do.  God knows and he has been such a peaceful presence throughout this all.

Please continue to pray, this time my top request would be for Aiden.  Strange as it may seem, he senses our anxiety over everything, he's sick of being dragged along to the doctors for long periods of time, and his schedule changes so much he is just having a hard time.  I'm thankful for a peaceful Friday at home, where he can play, with no where special to be today.   It just feels good, for all of us, to have a little bit of "normal" because soon we'll be adjusting to a new normal.  Also pray God give us someone in the Rochester area that can help care for Aiden during these next weeks of doctors visits.  I'm not sure what we'll do with him, its not fair to have him sit through endless appointments, however its hard to find care sometimes. 

Thanks again for every one's love and supports! 

for now here's a picture from our last ultrasound

and a little preview of our lazy Friday at home IPhone style!

Have a Great Friday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One More Dr. On Board

After my ultrasound I got a call yesterday from my OB and I'm being referred to a high risk OB for further testing on little Miss's growth.  In her words "she seems to be getting skinnier from what we can see in the ultrasound."  These last weeks of your pregnancy are the fat pile on time and she seems to be slimming down so that brings up concern.  The new OB is out of Park Ridge Unity hospital, which just so happens to be where my mom works.  After a quick call to her and her inside edition to the hospital she  says he  is a very nice guy and also specializes in genetics perfect! right?  God's perfect plan moment. Anyways we go tomorrow for another ultrasound (this lady is going to have just as many pics in utero as out lol) and then our first consultation with this new OB after. 

While being constantly monitored is not such a bad thing, it makes my anxiety/worry go in waves.  I'm at peace with having a small child, I'm at a peace with her growth not being what the world of medicine considers "normal".  I've been through this, the tears, fears, sleepless nights over just aren't worth it, God is in control and has His hands on her from day 1.  However every time they find something new, that concerns them it brings all the emotions back to the surface. 

Please pray for our emotions as we cont. to press on, the doctors for wisdom and for this precious life that she continues to grow into the woman that God has created her to be!  Thanks for all your love and support, and we'll update tomorrow once we know more!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Update

Little miss Switzer's update for today...We went in for another ultrasound to measure her growth and make sure she's still growing on the curve and we have less than desirable news, yet not horrible.  We've gone from the 18th percentile down to the 12th weighing in today at 3.5lbs.  With only 7 more weeks to go, we're going to be having an preemie size child at full term more than likely.  The ultrasound tech. says that the doctors don't seem to worry too much unless the baby falls below the 10th percentile, so for that I'm thankful and praying she stays where she's at or goes back up.  We will have another ultrasound before my due date to check again and see the progress that she's making before her birthday.  My prayer is I can cont. to stay health and able to carry her to 40 weeks giving her the most time available to gain weight and develop. 

For now we thank God that she's active, healthy, and doing great otherwise!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome December

December is here!  So excited for this time of year; the snow, warmth of my home, time with family, laughter of pure joy and most of all the birth of Christ to remember.  Not sure if it's the pregnancy, 2 year old child or what but it really feels like Christmas lately.  Church is doing a series on advent which means "coming", a time where we look forward in adticipation to the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Jesus coming to earth.  I see how excited Aiden gets this time with the lights, setting up the tree, going to see family and its such a paralle of the joy he has for those things as we should have for the coming of Jesus's birthday. 

Updates on life...

Aiden is 22lbs which is awesome, a blessing answer to prayers!  He is becoming such a boy, it is awesome to see his personality show up more and more each day as he gets older.  I am thainkful each day for his love of life, he humor, and his way to bring a smile to my face no matter what. 

Our little miss #2  is doing great as well.  We go for our next ultrasound soon to check her growth progress over the last month and a half.  So excited to be blessed with extra times to see her before she is born!

Church is going great, God is continue to show his faithfulness as we enter into this Christmas season i'm so excited to be open for our first Christmas service! 

and now it's nap time :-)