Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, the Way We Celebrate

I know Halloween isn't everyone's thing, for a variety of reasons, however in our house we like to have fun! So until the holiday turns into something other than that, we continue to celebrate in our own little ways.  We got our pumpkin a few weeks back, and today we let Aiden paint his pumpkin, because carving just wasn't his thing, and this he was able to participate in so much more!

After nap time we all went to my parents for a homemade pizza dinner then went out to a few of these neighbors and other special friends around town to trick or treat.  Aiden had so much fun saying hi to all the people and filling his plastic pumpkin bucket full of "moor teats" as he would call them! 

So we had fun, no scares needed, but lots of memories of family times together! 

Happy Halloween All!!