Sunday, January 23, 2011

this is the song

la la la la Elmo's song!

This furry red puppet with huge eyes, no eye lids and a really high pitched voice has stolen the heart of my little boy.  Any mention of the above name results in running to the TV without a second thought until he appears, this is accompanied by squeals of joy, love and beyond excitement.  Honestly its probably one of the cutest things I've seen,

For Christmas my parents got our family a year pass to the Strong Musseum of Play in Rochester.  AWESOME Place, for all ages!  Anways we've taken him twice and each time we make our way to the Seseme Street section and spend lots of time finding all the Elmo's that place had.   If you don't beliee me, here it is...the pictures just say it all!

our first sighting

come out! i know you're in there!!

totally smitten!  Guess it could be worse cuz he is a pretty cute little guy ;-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

18 months later

Aiden is offically 18 months old.  Its so hard to believe my little baby boy isn't a baby anymore :(  hes a year and half old!!! where did the time go and how do i make it stop?? i know you can't, but we all do wish don't we ;-)

the other day someone told me "you spend the first year trying not to kill the kid by accidents, and the second trying not to kill them on purpose!" lol  My boy hasn't made it to the terrible 2's yet but there are signs for the fun time to come!! 

So heres to my little boy who's getting so big.  Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a little extra time goes a long way...

Something I've always strived to do as a parent is to invest the time in my son now not later like we all promise.  Take the extra time to read to him, let him "help" me with things and just take that extra few minuets to make him feel special and loved.  I think sometimes as parents (myself included) get caught up in the hurry, wanting to get things done fast, and doing it right, and tend to forget those moments we are missing to make memories with the ones we love.  Everyone told me all throughout my pregnancy and even after Aiden was born how fast he would grow up and how i need to enjoy the time that we have making sure to treasure each moment.  Each day i really do try to do this and pray that I make each of my kids feel loved and special each day.  A time of business is the holidays, and I wanted to create lots of memories with Aiden during these times, so on Christmas eve we made Christmas cookies.  So enjoy these moments of us creating some great Christmas memories.

Yes I know super late for Christmas picture posting but, better late than never ;-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I know so many of you know my sister, and now that i'm older i have really grown to appresheate who she is as a person more and more each day.  Last night Janette graduated from the GCC prep for life program through Genesee ARC and i have to honestly say i've probablly never been more proud of her.

 Schooling for someone with a mental disabilty isn't easy, they have so many more obsiticals to overcome than someone might think.  Janentte however has fought thorough and finally graduated!  Congrats Janette, we really are so happy that you did it and learned so much from it, we know you will go far.

Here's to a the lady who's an awesome daughter, friend, aunt, and sister!